EE-distro - Scratchbox Support Distribution for ARM

1. Overview

EE, the "Support distribution", is a small Linux distribution to be installed into ARM devices. Scratchbox "CPU-transparency" feature needs it during software cross-configuration. Cross-compiled binaries needed in the build process are run on the ARM device with the assistance of CPU trasparency.

The functionality of Support distribution is very limited to minimize the size of the distribution.

Support distribution is mostly deprecated and use of Familiar is strongly recommended.

Supported hardware and functionality

Not supported features

Familiar ARM distribution is recommended alternative for people who need more extensive ARM hardware support than what Support distribution provides (e.g. you don't have an USB cradle).

2. Installation


It is also possible to use a CompactFlash card for installing the rootimage.

Up to date bootloader installation instructions are available at the Familiar site.

2.1. Rootimage

Installation of the rootimage via serial cable is similar to Familiar serial installation instructions.

It is also possible to install the rootimage from a CompactFlash card.

2.2. User accounts

The Support distribution only has the root account pre-generated with 'rootme' as the root password. To be able to use the iPAQ for CPU-transparency normal user account(s) has to be created on the iPAQ.

After the configuration for the 'usb0' interface has been done on the desktop system the USB network should start automatically as the iPAQ is inserted to the USB cradle.

After the USB network is running you can telnet to the iPAQ and login as root and add the user accounts needed. User accounts can be added with the

adduser [username]

2.3. Known problems

Power button does not work

This is a deliberate misbehaviour because:

Due to these reasons suspending the iPaq is not officially supported by Support distribution at the moment, but if you choose to accept the risks listed above and want the power button to suspend the iPaq either: